How to fulfil your obligations
as a Marketplace seller in the Netherlands


Watchout: obligation started July 1st 2023, the registration and reporting should be concluded by August 1st 2024

How to fulfil your obligations in the Netherlands

Are you a market seller? Or are you running an online platform with market sellers? Do you Nneed help with EPR Textile (UPV Textiel) compliance in the Netherlands?

Look no further! At European Recycling Platform, we offer the ideal solutions.

Since July 1, 2023, the Netherlands has implemented the extended producer responsibility (EPR) for textiles as one of the first countries in the EU. The textile EPR Decree sets general rules for companies, making them responsible for the end-of-life management of textile products. Companies are responsible, also financially, for collection, preparation for reuse, and recycling of the textile products after consumers have discarded them.

European Recycling Platform Netherlands, a Landbell Group company, provides a simple and easy solution for Marketplace Sellers to meet these compliance responsibilities. The process is often overly complicated and time-consuming.

As a Producer Responsibility Organisation (PRO) we gave our customers a quick and easy way to buy compliance products online, and for this purpose European Recycling Platform Netherlands has launched a new online store, Click & Comply.

At Click & Comply, you can find service packages for your legal security and compliance for your distribution of Textiles.

With our Click & Comply shop, we offer simple and reliable services that meet legal requirements. You can purchase our service packages online and receive full guidance throughout all steps of the compliance process of Textiles in the Netherlands.

Our packages include:

  • We register you with the authorities in the Netherlands.
  • We report to the authorities.
  • We set up corresponding textile collection and treatment approaches for the following years to achieve circularity within textile value chain and reach the targets in accordance with the legislation.

Would you like to learn more about the EPR Textile Decree, find out which textile products are covered, or easily purchase our compliance package? Click the link below to get started.

What is the definition of ‘textiles’?

The new regulation for EPR applies to all companies that professionally offer clothing on the Dutch market. This means all manufacturers and importers of consumer clothing, workwear and corporate clothing as well as table, bed, table and household linen.

Furthermore, it does not matter whether the textiles are offered to a company (B2B) or to end consumers (B2C, D2C). This also applies to textiles which are made from partially recycled material.

Excluded from the regulation are:

  • Dutch second-hand shops, because these clothes already exist on the market;
  • Companies that supply basic materials for production.

In a nutshell – the Textile EPR applies to all companies that sell clothing and household textiles on the Dutch market, whether to private or commercial end consumers.

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