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How to fulfil your obligations as a Marketplace seller in Germany

WEEE = Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment

Watchout: marketplace obligation since July 1st 2023

How to fulfil your obligations in Germany

To comply with your obligations, Marketplace sellers have 5 duties:

  1. Registration: Your electrical devices must be registered at the public register EAR (per category and per brand.) Please be aware that foreign companies can only register via an appointed authorized representative (see point 2).
  2. Appoint an Authorized Representative (AR) in Germany: for electrical and electronic equipment manufacturers/dealers without a subsidiary in Germany
  3. Join a PRO (Landbell Group) to ensure collection and recycling of electrical and electronic equipment. Get your contract here!
  4. Report to the Registry (you report to Landbell Group and Landbell Group will provide this to the registry)
  5. Fulfilment of other obligations like take-back (1:1 and others) is provided as (paid) services by Landbell Group as well

What is the definition of ‘WEEE’?

Devices which are exposed to an alternating voltage of maximally 1,000 V or a direct current voltage of maximally 1,500 V during operations and:

  1. which are dependent on electric currents or electromagnetic fields for proper operation, or
  2. which serve for the generation, conduction and measurement of electric currents and electromagnetic fields.

If you offer an EEE product containing a battery, you must register for both EEE and Batteries.

What is EPR – and why does it
concern me as a Marketplace seller?

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) is an environmental policy that makes producers responsible for the entire life cycle of the products that they introduce on the market, from their design until end of life (including waste collection and recycling).

Under EPR regulations, liable companies must mitigate the environmental impacts of their products throughout the entire product life cycle.

Starting in 2022, if you sell in France and/or Germany, Marketplaces must confirm that you are complying with Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) regulations in the country where you are selling. Obligations in Austria start on January 1, 2023.

If you need support with the registration in France or other countries, please indicate this in the contact form.

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